St Stephen’s Church

St Stephen’s Church, Bristol


Matthew was appointed by Church Architect David McLaughlin and The Reverend Canon Tim Higgins, to create a 3 dimensional model of the Church of St Stephens in the centre of Bristol.

The model aimed to help the church understand how it could intervene within its complex fabric and reconnect to the city.

The completed model was also used as part of a workshop, with architecture students from the University of the West of England and Visiting Lecturer Matthew Hynam, to explore how proposals might reconnect the church to the city.

Reconnecting Spaces

The image of Sacred City has fuelled imagination and endeavour over centuries. The story of our cityscape, our vocal buildings, speaks about that vision from earlier times. Public buildings and churches in particular, are strong songs and invite voices in praise: of wealth and service, of power and glory, abuse and aspiration.

Saint Stephen’s, the City Parish Church, is no stranger to this strong song. Reviewing this story with the story of the city opens a way to important memory and future hope.

Participating in the continuing work of reconnecting this building to its communities and the vision of Sacred City is a call that opens the wells of reconciliation and hope.

3D model video


St Stephens: image from ‘Reconnecting Space’ exhibition by student Sally Wylde.


St Stephens: 3D model section through church


St Stephens: Student workshop image


St Stephens: Entrance to ‘Reconnecting Space’ exhibition


St Stephens: image from ‘Reconnecting Space’ exhibition by student Andy Cacey.


St Stephens: image from ‘Reconnecting Space’ exhibition by student Jess Irwin.


St Stephens: image from ‘Reconnecting Space’ exhibition by textile artist Carole Waller.


St Stephens: image from ‘Reconnecting Space’ exhibition group photo.


St Stephens: 3D model of church