London Road

London Road Regeneration
Project carried out whilst at Studio KAH


These initial plans produced in consultation with the Friends of Longacre and the Regenerate Trust aim to capture the potential for regenerating nos. 2,3&4 Longacre as a community run facility with a diverse and exciting programme. Historically these three buildings have been used to serve the community particularly circa 1910 when they were used as a ‘Domestic and Manual Training Centre’. Unfortunately in recent years they have fallen into disrepair and become vacant leaving a sizable hole within the urban fabric of London Road. It is hoped that this project will act as a catalyst for community lead regeneration along London Road as well as creating a fitting gateway into the city of Bath.

3D model video

Approximate value: £3 million


Garden view


London Road view looking east


London Road cross section


Photomontage looking west